JBP's Rail Mount Kits and Parts

These kits are intended for the DIY jet boaters.  Offered in various stages of completion, our base kits give all the components neccessary for new engine installs, relocation or swap. These kits are priced to offer a superior engine mounting solution as an alternative to the conventional 3 or 4 point '60's mounting technology.


Base Kits come complete with Front and Rear .375" thick Mounting Plates, (4) Corner Blocks, (2) 36"  2"x2"x3/16" Angled Rails, (10) Stinger Washers, Second Generation JBP Spun Aluminum Flywheel Cover(seen below), and a complete stailnelss hardware package.

SBC & BBC Kits Starting at $579 $549

BBF & LS kits Starting At $625 $599

Second Generation Spun Aluminum Flywheel cover

Powder coating Available upon Request 

Front Mounts Are Designed to Clear a Traditional 6 Valve Mechanical Fuel Pump 

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