Cables Accessories / Seals

Here are the most common accessories need for cable installation on jet boats.  Also to the right you'll find a link to the Steering Accessories page.

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Quick disconect for 33c cables, typically used for connection on carburetor end can also be used on foot throttles.

Quick release throttle clip for 33c cables, typically mounts to throttle plate.

Cable clamps/ anchor for 33 and 43 series cables.

Cable pivots, commonly used on the control end of the cable, for 33 and 43 series cable fits into 1/4" hole.

Spherical Rod Ends (Hiem Joints), used to connect control cables on Place Diverters.  Also used to upgrade standard cable pivots used with control handles. available in 1/4"-28 or 10-32 threads, w/ 1/4" eye.


*Note: add approximatley 1" to the anchor point durring installation when upgrading from standard cable pivot

SS Place Diverter style transom mount cable seal for 43 series cables.

JBP Positive seal cable seal, avalable in :

  • Berkeley transom adapter threads  
  • Bulk head style
  • *Currently available in Polished only


Berkeley E/F series pump Cable Bellows.  E pumps use 2, F pumps use 3.

$23.95 ea

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