Jet Drive Intakes 

We feature High Perferformance satndard and Low Profile intakes by Aggressor  performance parts ® as well as Custom Machined reconditioned Intakes from Berkeley ® American Turbine ® Dominator ®, Jacuzzi ® and Legend ® We also offer inhouse custom Machining, modifications and repairs for customers jet drive intakes for features such as Shoes and rideplates



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Dominator HP Intake

American Turbine® / Dominator ®High Performance Intake Kit, comes with ride plate, shoe, bowl cradle, Speed  Bar Grate and hardware.  Performance shoe comes in cut and thickness of choice .  Intake comes standard to fit contour bottom but can be ordered machined for flat or delta pad bottoms. Replaces standard Berkeley ®

5 Degree Low Profile Intake.  Call for Current Pricing.
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