Polished Aluminum Air Scoops

for Jet boats, Vdrive boats and fast becomming popular with the "door slammer" drag race crowd   

Tall Single Carburetor Air Scoops, Polished Aluminum fits Holley Edelbrock, Carter 5 1/8" air inlet. 5 1/2" x 4 1/2" Tall, 10" wide, 15 3/4" Long.
Single Dominator or King Demon Carburetor Air Scoops, Polished aluminum only, 7 1/4" air inlet. The large scoop is 6" tall x 12" wide x 18" long and will accommodate a 10" Dominator flame arrestor. The small scoop is 6" tall x 10" wide x 16" long and does NOT have enough room for a flame arrestor, a hold down device must be fabricated
Small $259 or  Large $359
Dual Carburetor Polished Aluminum Air Scoops, very similar to the Singe carb version only available in Aluminum, built to suit specific Center to Center.  Please call for specific pricing.note  these scoops average around $350.00 +or- 
Note: Purchase of scoops does not include Coast Guard approved flame arrestor. If you would like to order a Coast Guard approved flame arrestor please specify during order.
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